Serving the game of darts since 1989.

Something about... Noel

I met Noel Britton in the severe winter of 1984.

I remember it well because the first thing that struck me about him (besides his tonnage) was the infamous leather wallet (it still exists) that banged on the counter of the Dart Club Treviso as if he wanted to buy the place, and all in one go without a hello or good afternoon he said: - I’ve heard that your playing darts here, I challenge you!

I was clearly intimidated but I accepted the challenge and the game was on: best of three legs which ended two to one in my favour, not without some difficulty, and thus, more relaxed, we introduced ourselves.

At that time Noel was managing the restaurant in "Villa Guidini" (maybe not everyone knows that he is a great chef) that soon became the third Dart Club affiliated to the F.I.G.F. (Italian Darts Federation).

1985 - Dennis Warner raises the trophy of the 1st. Italian Dart Masters. He will be victorious for two more editions. 1985 - Some participants of the 1st. Italian Dart Masters in the dart room in Villa Guidini in Zero Branco (TV)
1985 - The inauguration of the Dart Club Ryans Pub in Saletto di Piave. Pictured Gianni Spinato, Marcel Ryan, Graziella and Luciano Caserta, Danilo Padoan, Moreno Strappato, Dennis Warner and Noel. 1989 - Bobby George with Noel in the first TOP 180 shop in Quinto di Treviso.

Noel exercised his gourmet abilities for many years and a lot of dart players have been lucky enough to experience his delicious creations in the kitchen.

In the meantime Noel had begun, as a second activity, to trade in darts and accessories : they were years when dart equipment was not so easy to come by here in Italy, and Noel was able to cultivate his second passion by making himself useful as well.

The years have passed, and Noel now cooks only for himself and for those fortunate enough to receive an invitation. Now Noel is best known as the leading darts dealer in Italy and for his courage (with great foresight and recklessness) to open the first darts store in Italy dedicated exclusively to the sport of darts.

1990 - Malta - Italian National team departing for the European Championship. 1991 - Domenico Callegari and Massimiliano Srpic in the final of the Italian Individual Championships. M.C. Noel with bow tie.
1992 - Phil Taylor - Souvenir photo with Phil Taylor in the World Championships in London. Pictured sitting in the foreground, Enrico Marchetto, two times Italian Champion. 2001 - World Soft tip Championship at the Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo (VE). British National Under-21 members.

Top 180 (the name of his company), got over the many initial difficulties (thanks to the birth and spread of soft-tipped darts in the nineties), and is now a reference point not only in Italy but also abroad.

Today, Noel is a profitable entrepreneur, but has never lost his genuine love for this sport, a love that led him to positions in both the FIGF and in Fidart, and that later brought him to sponsor and support the two Federations, at the same time making his experience available to everyone.
And for the future ... who knows.

Luciano Caserta – President F.I.G.F.
2006 - Bobby and Noel together again in the new shop. 2006 - Inauguration of the new shop in Treviso, Noel’s sandwich.