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Frequently Asked Questions

Is registration to the site free?

Of course, registration is free and ensures the best possible service while shopping on offering many advantages, first of all, the system can calculate the shipping costs in real time and present offers and discounts tailored to the customer’s profile. Secondly it allows you to access some handy features, such as recalling previous carts, consulting an order in store or download the entire catalog in PDF.

I forgot the password and user ID. How do I recover it?

You can send a message via the contact form, stating the problem and specifying the name and email address. If this data is actually present in the registry of customers, we will notify the user name through which you can activate the renewal procedure password (see the login page).

How much are the shipping costs?

You can view shipping costs under international or Italy shipments. If you are already registered by accessing the site the system will calculate shipping based on destination, weight of items in your cart, and the method of delivery indicated in your profile. Your destination may have multiple options available, in such case you can change the method of delivery for every single order before confirmation.

Can I request a printed catalog?

The articles are updated several times a month, and printing a catalog of more than 300 pages would be quite useless as well as a real waste. Registered customers on can download the PDF version of the catalog updated in real time, from the special section in the column to the left.

Items that can be found in the online catalog are available in stock or to be ordered?

Most items displayed in the catalog are normally available. Sometimes an item may go out of stock during the period of time between placing an order and taking charge of the same; in this case we will contact the customer to inform them of the options available: any waiting periods, replacement of the missing or cancellation of the order.

To avoid problems with the delivery of order N°XYXYXYXYXYXYXY I would like to know the specific date and time so that there will be someone available for receival.

Unfortunately it is not possible. In order to avoid any inconvenience and additional costs, if you are not sure of being able to be present for the delivery, it is best to always specify an alternative address, such as the neighbor’s home or place of work (using the "Step 2 - Comments / Special Instructions" of the order process). The GLS after two delivery attempts fruitless transfer the hills in the state of stocks and charge the customer for the amount of € 6,00.

How do I find the tracking number of my order No. 123456789 ?

The tracking number is not issued until the shipment has not been sent to the shipper, only then we are able to respond to the request

Can I pick up the goods myself directly from the shippers warehouse?

Yes. Just ask for your tracking number shippers address which manages the delivery and select STORED..

Do you deliver on Saturdays?

In some cases, yes. Some shippers have a sprinter service. The customer will be charged a higher rate, which is calculated based on the weight of the parcel and the place of destination. Info: contact form or call 0039.0422.370954

I can not add to the cart - Item number: ABCD, and also Item number: MLM, what should I do?

You have probably not chosen an option, length, color and so on. The system does not allow you to continue without having chosen your option.

What thread is used in darts?

The "normal" thread used in all darts products is 2ba. The ¼ inch thread is normally used for "bar darts".

I would like to know the state of my order, it has been more than 48 hours from my payment.

You must calculate from 3 to 6 working days for us to prepare the order and add 1 (working) day for shipping; therefore delivery to you is normally within a maximum of 7 working days. This time could be extended significantly during some periods of the year.
Attention! Any personalised items may lengthen delivery time.
Note: Saturday and Sunday are not considered business days.

My order is a gift for a friend’s birthday, I read that the preparation time ranges from three days upwards and I may not receive it in time, is it possible to receive it express?

Of course, we try to facilitate URGENT orders, please call in store to check our availability at 0039.0422.370954

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